A Very Versatile Machine Embroidery Design

Moving ahead almost 50 years (hey, I never said this blog would be chronological!) I wanted to show you a variety of ways to use a single machine embroidery design.  This is a Zundt design, of course.  I first used it on a dress from my Rose pattern, which I taught at a couple of Martha Pullen schools in 2011.

Zundtdress1Zundtdress2  Zundtdress3 Zundtdress4 Zundtdress5

Then, switching to quilting, I used it (seventy-some times, I think) in Snow Flowers.  You can see the design here between the rows of quilted flowers.  It’s not a very good photo, the quilt isn’t finished, it’s white, not pink, but this is the best photo I have of the use of this design.


Here’s great photo, but you can only see a little of the scroll-y design.

Snow Flowers-detail

Finally, I made a 17″ x 17″ miniature using this design yet again!


So the next time you look at embroidery designs, try to imagine all the ways they can be used!


9 thoughts on “A Very Versatile Machine Embroidery Design

  1. I love how everything looks so different depending on the use of color and how it is placed. Thank you so much for the inspiration. What lovely eye candy for us to look at too!!!


  2. I love how perfectly placed this beautiful design is. That is something I have struggled with a little. I have a Bernina 830 LE, with all the hoops. I’m getting better, but no where near as perfect as you have gotten them here. Lovely work.


  3. OOOOOHHHH this is a beautiful dress !!!! I made all my daughters dresses for her til she was around 14 because she has always so tall. She always looked nice and wore dresses like this because this was the only dress pattern I had to use…..


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