Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…

I have been sewing since before I started elementary school!  So I thought I would start a blog about my stitching journey.  Sewing has taken me places and given me opportunities I never knew existed!  So as Julie Andrews sang, “Let’s start at the very beginning.”

While this little dress isn’t the first thing I made, it’s one of the first complete garments I made for myself.  I stitched this when I was nine years old.  You can tell by the fabric that I was very fashion-forward for 1964!

Early sewing!

Look at the back – I put the zipper in by myself!


And the inside – pinked seams, carefully hand-stitched facings, and a hem with seam tape.

007 005

I can see why my Mom (who doesn’t save a lot of things) saved this!  I’m glad I have it.


22 thoughts on “Let’s Start at the Very Beginning…

  1. How wonderful that your mom saved that. And it was obvious from that first garment that you were a gifted seamstress. I wish I had some of the items I made as a youngster, but believe me they were not show worthy. So happy you’ve joined the blogosphere.


  2. I am so excited to follow you. I just love what you sew and you are so inspiring. Even your “design opportunities” are inspiring. Thank you for starting a blog!!

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  3. Susan, I am so glad you have started this blog. I love all your clothing designs and your quilts. How wonderful your mother saved this garment. Very neatly made.


  4. I became a follower… Anxious to see more of same. Some might bring back memories because I have been sewing that long, too, but, none were saved, even in photos… I’ve actually been sewing since the mid 50’s…


  5. Susan, you’ve inspired me to retink my sewing career too. I was seven and got to use my Grandmother Arbelle’s Brunsick Treadle machine. I loved it from the start and @ 66 can’t get enough fabric in my stash. Keep us inspired with your history of sewing..


  6. I am also so glad to see you have started a blog. Your fashions are so well designed and you have such skill with your quilting that it is a joy to see this blog unfold. I am 62, have been sewing since about age 5 when my Gram taught me how to thread a needle, make a knot, and sew on buttons. I was legally blind until age 7 so Gram was very patient and I loved my job of sewing on buttons. At age 8 I joined a 4-H Club and learned to sew, now having had many surgeries and vision enough in one eye (with glasses) to make things quite a bit easier!. My mom sewed hems and repairs but did not know how to make dresses and such but she encouraged my efforts and I enjoyed the next 10 yrs of 4-H work, fair ribbons (and premiums) as well as becoming a junior leader and member of the county elected Fair Association. My 4-H leader was a neighbor who was also the high school home ec teacher so I had wonderful teaching. She used to call me in from playing (and working on her farm) to thread her singer machine, she said my eyes were so much better than hers! Can you imagine the boost that gave my self confidence? Wow, nobody had ever said my eyes, or skill at much of anything, was worthy of note, but she did. Sewing is not only a handy skill but one that I feel connects so many of us and lifts us up. It empowers us to provide for ourselves and loved ones and is a wonderful heritage of skill and teaching. With the demise of home ec classes, blogs such as yours are more valuable than ever to a new generation learning to sew without hands on guidance as well as encouraging us oldsters to continue trying out new (or rusty) skills. Can’t wait to see more examples of your work which is very inspiring. Sew Onward!


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