Halloween Costumes

You know, I never really liked making Halloween costumes!  I much preferred making “real” clothes.  But when one is a parent and sews, I guess costumes are just part of the deal.  Here is one year’s costume for Annie.


David, of course, was just wearing purchased jack-o-lantern jammies.  But I turned Annie into a flower!  This was from a pattern from one of the Big 4 pattern companies.  The green “stem and leaves” fastened in back, and the sleeves had sort of quilted spines.  The “blossom” was layered with batting and had boning stays to support the flower, and was stitched to a cap that tied under the chin.  She and her friends used this flower costume for dress-up for many years!

And then, of course, princesses are always popular!  Sewing with cheap woven lame is not so popular!


The bodice was some kind of satin, and the pattern was probably just a basic yoke dress.  The scepter, of course, makes it royal! 🙂

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