The Dino Kartsonakis Christmas Show

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In 1993 (I think!), Annie played the piano in Dino Kartsonakis’ Christmas Show in Branson, MO.  I made her dress, of course!


It was sparkly and beautiful, and she loved it!


Here’s the dress, a little wrinkled from hanging for 20+ years in the closet, but otherwise intact.  It was a combination of careful stitching and garment construction, and quick finishing for a garment that would be worn only a few times.  For the stage, glitz wins out over fine detail!  The dress was made from an iridescent synthetic satiny fabric with synthetic lace yardage and trim.  I think it was a Butterick pattern.


The peplum was a separate piece, consisting of lace yardage gathered and stitched to a stretchy wide sequin band.  It fastened under the bow with hook and loop tape and a snap.  The elastic has deteriorated and is no longer very stretchy, so I had to pin it in place to take this photo.

I hand-beaded the neckline and bodice with iridescent glass beads.  After bringing the dress in for approval (I was the only Mom making a show dress,) I was asked to add even more sparkle.  So I glued iridescent sequins on the bodice for more glitz!


The entire dress was lined with a polyester lining, and I added horsehair braid (which is not really horse hair, of course!) to the lining hem to hold the skirt out nicely.


It was a busy November and December that year, getting Annie to practices and performances, but what a fun thing for a fourth-grader to get to do!  And this dress kind of falls into that princess category that almost every little girl loves! 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Dino Kartsonakis Christmas Show

  1. Awww, that’s positively fun and pretty as a princess! I know she loved it (and probably still has a lovely memory there). My Mom made me several beautiful sparkly, princessy dresses in my childhood, and I remember them all with great delight.

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