Mark’s Little Quilts

I have always made many of my gifts for those I love.  This Christmas was no different.  I sewed nearly an entire wardrobe for Annie – four tops, two pairs of pants, a jacket, a skirt and a dress!  None of them were difficult or heirloom or couture, just easy-care, slightly unique clothes she can wear to work.  I made a t-shirt quilt for John, her “significant other.” And I made a tiny quilt for Mark to add to his collection of little quilts I’ve made for him.  So I thought I’d show you his little quilts!

This quilt, “A Little Opulence,” was actually made for the IQA benefit auction at the Houston Quilt Festival in 2008.  He bought it!


It is 19″ x 22″.  The ivory fabric is silk dupionni, and the appliqued paisleys (OESD) are cross-woven Thai silk.


The free-standing lace (Zundt) was made for “Opulence,” but I didn’t use it, so had it left over and used it here.  The center circle of lace is see-through – I cut out a section of the finished quilt, bound the edges, then stitched the lace over the gap.


A year before this, I had made a little quilt, also for the IQA auction.  I liked it so much, I made a large quilt with 25 of these blocks, plus a wide border, which took what seemed like forever to make!  Anyway, Mark liked the little quilt, so in 2009 I made another one for him.


It is 20-1/2″ x 22-1/2″, and you can definitely see my heirloom roots here – batiste, puffing, shaped lace, organza inserts, satin stitched gimp cord, etc.



This next little quilt was from 2010, I think.  I had just gotten my SWF 15-needle embroidery machine, and I was learning it, so I made this with large designs.  It is 14″ x 16-1/2″, and all the designs are Zundt.


I love the way the little running stitches of metallic thread are digitized into the design!  It adds just a bit of sparkle.


And, of course, more free-standing lace.  I used these lace designs in “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining.”

Tulip corner_2

Then in 2013 I made this tiny quilt – it’s only 12-1/2″ square!

007 (2)

It is made from white silk/cotton Radiance, with a Zundt design.  It’s similar to “Distraction II,” but smaller, and has yellow roses for my Texas guy!010_2

The teeny, tiny double piping is made from fabric-covered gimp cord.


And, finally, for Christmas 2014, I made “Frozen Margarita!”  Again, this is similar to a donation quilt I made which he liked, so I made another.  It is 14-1/2″ square, made from Radiance, and the designs are from OESD.


The embroidery and quilted flowers were done with metallic thread.

022_2 024_2

Bluebonnet fabric for the backing


Finally, I’m showing the original “Frozen Margarita,” because the color of the photos I took today leaves something to be desired.  Mark’s quilt is actually the color of the one below!

Frozen Margarita


Quilted Christmas Banner

Here’s a quilted Christmas banner that I made six years ago for my husband to hang on his door at work.  It was a mercy project.  His co-worker at the time enthusiastically decorated for Christmas, but her idea of décor involved paper plates, yarn, pictures cut from old Christmas cards, and other Kindergarten-ish art.  I don’t like to speak unkindly of anyone, but my husband said it was embarrassing to have this on a professional’s door!

This is one of the few quilted projects – maybe the only one – I’ve made that is not my own design.  I wanted something easy and quick, and this fit the bill beautifully!

Christmas door quilt

It is a pre-cut, fusible applique from Dilys Fronks, who makes gorgeous wrought-iron applique quilts.  The concept is brilliant – black fabric, backed with fusible web, laser-cut to create the design!  All you have to do is peel off the paper backing, carefully place the intricate, cut-out shape onto another fabric, and press to fuse.  An instant quilt top!  I bought my applique at the Houston Quilt Festival, but found this particular design online:

The backing fabric was a piece that was “aging” in my stash.  It was perfect for this, a beautiful turquoise/blue/purple/magenta batik with little orange stars scattered throughout.  To make my banner a little larger, I used a piece of backing fabric several inches larger all the way around than the pre-cut fabric, and added strips of my own fusible-backed black fabric to make the border.   Because I extended the lines on the curved top, it looks like the frame was part of the original design.  For the star, I slipped a piece of gold cotton/metallic lame under that section before fusing.

I honestly don’t remember what threads I used for quilting this, but I know it was quick and easy quilting!  Black binding completes the leaded glass look.

Christmas Sewing From Years Ago

Like many of you, I made lots of Christmas and other holiday garments for my children.  Here are some photos of a few of those outfits.  These were from before I discovered Sew Beautiful magazine, before I started writing about sewing, before I started teaching, before I started quilting!


This is the only picture I have of this dress.  It’s a cute photo, but doesn’t show the dress very well.  The jumper was a light sage green cotton velveteen, with an ivory cotton blouse.  The pattern was so sweet!  I’m sure it was McCall’s/Simplicity/Butterick/Vogue; I didn’t know of any other patterns at the time.


This dress was also velveteen, this time in sapphire blue, with white lace trim.  Synthetic lace, as I had not yet been introduced to lovely French cotton lace.  Again, this was a commercial pattern.


Little girls’ dresses were shorter then (I think this was probably 1987), but, you know, their little legs are so cute! 🙂


And, of course, Annie’s favorite part of the dress was the ruffle-butt feature!


Here we are a year or two later.  I made the red jackets from a gabardine, maybe a poly/rayon/cotton blend.  I know I made Annie’s skirt, too, but I don’t remember if I made David’s pants or if they were purchased.  He doesn’t look too sure about being on that horse, does he?!


And going back even farther, here are my sister and I in pretty turquoise velveteen Christmas dresses made by my Mom!