Christmas Sewing From Years Ago

Like many of you, I made lots of Christmas and other holiday garments for my children.  Here are some photos of a few of those outfits.  These were from before I discovered Sew Beautiful magazine, before I started writing about sewing, before I started teaching, before I started quilting!


This is the only picture I have of this dress.  It’s a cute photo, but doesn’t show the dress very well.  The jumper was a light sage green cotton velveteen, with an ivory cotton blouse.  The pattern was so sweet!  I’m sure it was McCall’s/Simplicity/Butterick/Vogue; I didn’t know of any other patterns at the time.


This dress was also velveteen, this time in sapphire blue, with white lace trim.  Synthetic lace, as I had not yet been introduced to lovely French cotton lace.  Again, this was a commercial pattern.


Little girls’ dresses were shorter then (I think this was probably 1987), but, you know, their little legs are so cute! 🙂


And, of course, Annie’s favorite part of the dress was the ruffle-butt feature!


Here we are a year or two later.  I made the red jackets from a gabardine, maybe a poly/rayon/cotton blend.  I know I made Annie’s skirt, too, but I don’t remember if I made David’s pants or if they were purchased.  He doesn’t look too sure about being on that horse, does he?!


And going back even farther, here are my sister and I in pretty turquoise velveteen Christmas dresses made by my Mom!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Sewing From Years Ago

  1. Christmas was such a fun time, sometimes hectic. I would love to have some hectic times in my life again. holidays were so much fun. little children are so eager and expectant. the good old days were okay[only sometimes]!

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      • Mine was fine, blonde, and probably fried…contributing to my intense dislike for it. Remember the little clip bow you put right above your bangs? I was also very tall for my age…often called “the jolly green giant”. It was an era of awkwardness!…Such memories….


      • Oh, I wanted curls in the worst way, and would endure almost anything for them. I slept in those stickery rollers with the picks, and I also slept in spoolies! I was crazy! And yes, I was called “jolly green giant” too. But eventually being tall became a good thing!


  2. Is the velveteen washable. I have been looking for something to do the top of a dress with to dress it up a bit but need washable! Any suggestions? Thanks, carla


    • I don’t remember if these velveteen dresses were washed or not. Most garments can be washed if the fabric is pre-washed, although the hand and appearance may change. I’d try pre-washing a sample of cotton velveteen – soak in water, squeeze water out gently, hang to dry – and see if you like the results. DO NOT put it in the dryer, and don’t try to wash silk/rayon velvet. Also, be aware that velveteen needs to be very gently pressed on a needle board, or at least another piece of velveteen, to prevent flattening the nap. If you really want easy care, try poly/lycra crushed velvet knit.


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