Gifts for Mom

I’ve made many gifts for my loved ones over the years.  Here are some garments I sewed for my Mom.  All of these garments date back at least 20 years!


This pieced bargello jacket was made from Cherrywood hand-dyes.  I don’t know where I found them, as I wasn’t quilting back then, and the company had to be pretty young.  In any case, I loved the gradated colors and the sueded texture.  I still do!  I don’t think there was a specific pattern, I think I just adapted a simple cardigan pattern.



The print used for the accent and the lining was a piece chosen because the colors were right for the hand-dyed fabrics.


This vest was one of the very first things I made with machine embroidery.  Since I got my first embroidery machine in 1994 – a Viking #1 – this vest is 21 years old!  The base fabric is a batik (which I have since learned is not the easiest on which to prevent puckers!)


For one side of the front, I stitched cross-hatched double-needle pintucks with different thread colors, then stitched on little ocean charms after the vest was finished.  Sorry about the blurry photo.


I embroidered the colorful fish on the other side and added little glass seed bead “bubbles.”


Mom was wearing this shirt when I visited at Christmas.  It is probably 30 years old. She’ll not be happy that I posted this picture of her! 🙂  She asked if I remembered the shirt; surprisingly, I did not.  I remember in detail almost everything I’ve ever made, but not this.


It’s made from a soft brushed cotton twill, like a fine cotton flannel.  I wish I knew what pattern I used, it had interesting side seams.


Here are the sleeve plackets.

I wonder how many stitches I’ve stitched in my life???

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