It’s A Zoo!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, who was born in 1983, I made this soft fabric book.  It is just too cute!  She used it, my son used it, my nephews used it, and it recently made it back into my hands.


Unbutton the hippo bus driver’s nose…


to see his floppy tongue!

The bear’s ball glove laces and ties like a shoe…


The giraffe has bows to tie…


The pelican used to have two little fish to hook onto the pole, but the fish are long lost…


The lion has a tail to braid…


Zip open the alligator’s mouth…


and that tongue can lick the ice cream cone!  This was always the favorite!


The kangaroo used to have a little joey that fit in the buckled pocket, but the joey hopped away somewhere…


The elephant’s skates had buttons and loops…


And the turtle’s shell unsnaps to say…


“I love you!”


This was not a quick project to make, but it has held up well, and I’m so glad I have it!  I remembered that it was a Vogue pattern, so I did a quick search.  If you Google “Vogue Patterns 1959,” you can find it on several sites for sale.  I can’t vouch for any of them, but there are some copies of this pattern available if you want to make a book like this.

13 thoughts on “It’s A Zoo!

  1. That is just too adorable and how much fun it must have been to all were so lucky to play and learn with it. It’s hard to believe how well it has held up over the years. Beautiful work, as always!


  2. I have just started collecting ideas to make a fabric busy book. I have the fabric book my mother made for our daughter who was born in 1989. We are fortunate to have all the little pieces. The one you made is adorable, I may go hunting for this Vogue pattern. Love the animal theme.


  3. My Mother (Lori King) shared this with me. Apparently she still has the same design she made for me (circa ’86). Now I’ll have to go reclaim it and see if I’ve still got all the bits as well…


  4. I recently made the pattern too. My mother made my sister a book in 1980, and I tracked the pattern down to make one for my daughter and my sister’s daughter. I was looking for images to help me construct it and found your post.


    • Christal, your book is fantastic! I love the fabrics and more modern colors you used! Thank you so much for sharing these images; this really made me smile, and I’m glad my post helped you with your book. I’m sure your daughter and niece will love the book!

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  5. Thank you for posting this. I started to make the whole book 32 years ago for my eldest son, it never got finished for him or his two brothers, but iIdid get it finished for my stepbrother’s children! I now have a granddaughter and want to make another one for her but couldn’t remember what the pattern was called. NNow I can search for it so a HUGE thank you!

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