A Delightful Vacation!

Annie and I returned from Arrowmont on Saturday. We had a blast! It was everything I’d hoped for – relaxation, gorgeous surroundings, and most especially, time with my daughter.

Because this blog is about “Stitching My Life Together,” I wasn’t sure how to give a report on this trip, because it doesn’t involve sewing. But, read on to the end to see how stitches figure in!

Our vacation started the way many do, with flight delays – ugh! I was to take a short flight, meet up with Annie at O’Hare, then we could continue together. But my flight was delayed, and I missed her by just a few minutes. Then I waited at O’Hare, and she waited at Knoxville, for about four hours, until I finally got the next flight and met up with her.


We had great memories of a pizza place in Gatlinburg which we’ve visited on our previous trips there. After getting our rental car, and following a very roundabout way from Knoxville to Gatlinburg (thanks, GPS!) we got to the pizza place about 10:30PM and had our pizza! There was lots leftover, and being unwilling to toss such yummy food, we bought a little cooler and some ice (not to mention some beer and hard cider!)

The next day we drove up into Smoky Mountain National Park and enjoyed our pizza picnic on a lovely rock table.


Near our picnic was a convocation of butterflies! They were completely unconcerned about our presence, and we were able to get close enough to touch them! How wondrous!


It’s so beautiful in the park, and it was a perfect day.

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We started our woodturning class in the evening. Annie had done a bit of lathe work before, but I was a complete beginner. I’ll probably never do it again, but it’s fun to try new things, and taking a class together is a wonderful way to spend time with someone you love.


We progressed well, with lots of laughter and lots of wood chips. On Thursday, on my third try, I finally managed to make a bowl. (It’s green wood, so it will crack and warp, but it was fun to make.)


And then, Friday, the last day. I had finished my bark-edged bowl, and gotten it nice and thin. I was trying to chisel off the little knob on the underside, and oops! The chisel slipped in my inexperienced hands (this is where the stitching comes in!) So, instead of turning the final project, which was to be a nice cherry wood plate, Annie fought the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge traffic to take me to a clinic to get my hand stitched together. The cut wasn’t very long, but it bled and bled, and had to be cauterized. Fortunately, I cut no important parts, and four little stitches took care of it. I did have a nice big bandage for my travels home!


All is well. It hardly hurts at all, although my wrist and thumb are nicely colorful. I’ll get the stitches out on Saturday, and I’ll start my next adventure on Sunday, which will also involve stitching (but I hope not this kind!)

This morning, I thought about how amazing our bodies are… I can stitch two pieces of fabric together, and they can stay like that for 100 years without the fabrics growing together. But take two edges of a cut, stitch them together, and a week later, they have joined and grown together. The world is full of wonder!

9 thoughts on “A Delightful Vacation!

  1. This is a comment from my Mom: im so glad hand is healing, I knew it would. im glad to have the pictures too because ive lost the ones on facebook. I went with Darleen to a shop so she could get some we cooler stuff to take to kim in Idaho. I will show her the pictures sometime


  2. Susan, really enjoyed your photos! My husband is flying out to Cookville, TN this Sat to visit all his family. I will go on the next trip-would be awesome to be when 0all the leaves are changing in TN:)

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