First Stitches

Apparently, I have always loved stitching! My sister was born when I was just a month and a half shy of five years old. I embroidered this little pre-stamped cotton flannel bib for her before she was born. It is probably the first thing I ever stitched.


I’m sure Mom helped me (check out the difference between the two flowers on the left made with lazy daisy stitches, and the one on the right, done with uneven straight stitches!), but I’m also sure that many of the stitches here are my own!


The back is a little messy – it was probably a few more years before I knew how to hide thread tails!


But, all in all, not bad at all for a four-year-old!

I’m glad I have this. And I want to say thatĀ one isĀ never too young (or too old!) to learn how to sew!