Learning Something New!

Because Craftsy is having a BIG sale right now, I thought I’d try taking some classes for myself! The first class I tried was “Sweet Elegance: 16 Cookie-Decorating Techniques.”


Now, I like to cook, but I’m not much of a baker. But these cookies look like lace, and I’m a sucker for lace (okay, I’m a sucker for cats, too, but we won’t talk about that right now!) I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and came away convinced that I could make cookies almost this lovely. Amber covered decorations that look like netting lace, eyelets, quilted looks, monograms, painted roses, and, my favorite, embroidered flowers! She also included a recipe for not only the royal icing she uses, but a very tasty-sounding cookie recipe. I kind of wish I’d kept those Wilton cake decorating supplies from the class I took way back in the early 1980s!

Use my affiliate link below to try out this fun class:


Those lacey cookies reminded me of the very first class I taught at a Martha Pullen school, in 1991, I think.


It’s really just a lace collage stitched on cotton netting. I always thought this looked kind of like a lace turtle! This was supposed to be a pillow, but it never got a back or pillow form. Actually, I’ve taught a lot of pillow class projects, and almost none of them have pillow forms – they take up too much room in luggage and storage, so they are all flat pillows!


The very center was a little embroidered netting motif, surrounded by mitered insertion and edging. Curved insertion and edgings were stitched around that.


I cut out little flowers from the gorgeous wide insertion, and appliqued them to the netting background in various places. A wide 3″ edging was gathered around the outer edge. The laces used in this project were really exquisite!

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