An Old Magazine, and a New Class!

I have some very exciting news to share! I had this blog post all ready to publish, then got the news that I could now, finally, make this public. Scroll to the bottom of this post if you want to see it right away…

Last week, I had to look up an old Sew Beautiful article to check some yardages. Issue 101, from summer 2005. I looked through it, and was amazed at how many things I had in it! I was sewing and designing full-time, and then some, for Martha Pullen Co. at the time. Here is some of what I was doing a little over ten years ago.

The cover…


and the article to go with it.



These two cute little pique sundresses modeled after an antique garment.


Installment number four in my beginning heirloom baby quilt series


Two versions of the same pattern in the Designer Details section


And, finally, “Sue Says,” my regular column for eight years.


All together, 21 pages plus the cover! This issue may have had a few more of my things than most, but, really, not much. I usually had multiple articles and garments in almost every issue for many years. I was sewing for Martha’s Sewing Room, and class samples, and my own and Annie’s clothes, as well. Oh, and I had also started working on show quilts by this time!

Now, another chapter! I can finally announce that I will have a new Craftsy class available very soon, “Heirloom Sewing Essential Techniques!”


I had so much fun filming this class!

resized 3

It’s a new way to reach a new audience with this lovely genre of sewing.

resized 1resized 2

There’s exciting news for you, too! Do you want to win this class for free? Click on this link and sign up for the drawing for the giveaway! Craftsy will contact me with the lucky person, and I’ll contact the winner just before the class goes live. Good luck!





22 thoughts on “An Old Magazine, and a New Class!

  1. Loved that sleeveless top! I taught it to a beginning sewing student, and she loved it as well! And I did the baby quilt blocks at an MP SOAF – although they never quite got put together! Congratulations on another class.

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  2. Fantastic blog post. Congrats on this. I remember especially “Sue Says” which I followed most of the time you wrote it. I still find it delightful that you are a FB friend now. I’m excited about this new heirloom sewing class. It will be a great refresher for me since I haven’t done any heirloom sewing for several yearsnow, and I am sure to learn some new things. I am planning on making a couple of dressy blouses and using it for a quilt incorporating my dear mother’s unfinished crocheted lace handwork that I found in her workbox after she died. look forward to the class.

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  3. Oh this is so exciting!! I miss Sew Beautiful. I only discovered it a few years before it finished. I’m from Australia. There’s nothing like heirloom sewing shops or any other magazines here, but I LOVE making heirloom things for my little boy (2) and little girl (5). People actually stop me to ask where I bought their clothes. No, I made them! It takes me so long though 😥


    • Oh, your children are the perfect ages for this type of sewing! There are no heirloom sewing shops near me, either. It can indeed take a long time to do finely detailed sewing, but the results are so gratifying. Sometimes, just a few small details are all you need to make a garment extraordinary.


  4. I am so excited that you have another Craftsy Class. Almost as good as taking a class in person. I love them. The being able to rewind is the best part.


  5. This is great, Susan. I’ve always admired your heirloom work. I made that Old Fashioned Apron with the ladybugs for one of my granddaughters. It is beyond cute.


  6. Hi, I love that you are doing a Heirloom sewing class! I miss all the Heirloom Sewing & Smocking Magazines, I was wondering if you could tell me what blue color/ type of fabric you used for the Bishop dress shown on the above ad called Heirloom Sewing Essential Techniques?


  7. Susan, I so thrilled I found
    You and will definitely sign
    Up for that class. I want
    To learn Heirloom sewing and I know
    You are one of the best!!


  8. Susan, I am looking forward to your new class. I am also going to look for my copy of the issue you highlighted here and try that blouse. The heirloom baby quilt is one I made when my niece had her first baby. It was a very rewarding project and a wonderful gift. Thanks.


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