’70s Embroidery

I’ll bet a lot of you (who are of a certain age!) had a shirt like this.


It is a Levi’s chambray shirt embellished with simple hand-embroidered motifs, and this was all the rage in the early and mid 1970s. This was from either late high school or early college for me, and I don’t know for sure if I did all of the embroidery, or if my Mom did some of it. All I know is that I’m thrilled that I can still fit in it, even if it is a bit tighter than it was 40+ years ago!

I had the same problem then with purchased shirts that I’ve always had – sleeves that are not made for my long arms!


Here is a closer look at the embroidery on the front…


…and the back.


Lots of variegated embroidery floss, and some very long satin stitches!


It was a fun shirt, and I wore it a lot. I also embroidered one for my younger sister. She has always loved horses, and at the time she would draw this cartoonish, sway-backed horse that was really cute. I traced and stitched that onto the back of her shirt. I wish I had a picture of it!

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4 thoughts on “’70s Embroidery

  1. I have one. It’s a man’s shirt that I embroidered with my old Bernina 200E when I first got it as a leaning project. I use it for my painting smock now. LOL…I think they are great. You look fabulous in yours. 😀


  2. First, congratulations on fitting in a shirt from the 70s. Second, what a reminder! I had a chambray shirt, smock type, not button down. My mother embroidered a Mexican motif of a man in sombrero riding a donkey, because I love Mexico so much. I loved it. Now I must be on a quest to find it.


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