It’s Almost Here!

My new Craftsy class, that is! Today is your last chance to sign up for a chance to win the class for free. Just click here. The giveaway ends tomorrow night, so don’t miss out.

I’m really excited about this class! There are lots of heirloom sewing techniques covered, and I think it will be of interest to those of you who have been doing this for years, as well as those of you who sew, but have never done these fascinatingly addictive techniques!


I don’t want this blog to be just promotional, so here’s some sewing from several years ago. I taught this little machine-embroidered and quilted banner a couple of times at the Martha Pullen school in 2011.


I really like this. It incorporates strips of lace, and illustrates how machine embroidery can be stitched so that it flows over the lace. The large flower is just, well, beautiful! The butterfly and the lower V-shaped piece are free-standing lace stitched on water-soluble stabilizer. (The embroidery designs are all from Zundt.) And I quilted my favorite flower chain.

Then, because I couldn’t leave well enough alone, I made it in two other colorways, so students could see how it looks.


Then, I re-did the project with a smaller flower (for smaller hoops in the classroom) for teaching at the AQS Paducah show in 2012.


In this second sample, I used digitized designs from Janome to quilt in the hoop. It’s not my favorite, but it’s a good option for someone who doesn’t want to do free-motion quilting.

I’ve given away several of these little banners as gifts. Maybe someday, when I have lots of time (ha!) I’ll have to make some more! 🙂


8 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here!

  1. Susan, these banners are lovely. The corner design at the bottom of the banner looks familiar, but I cannot find it on Zundt’s website. Is it a Zundt design that is still available, or is it from somewhere else?


  2. I took your class with two other friends. We enjoyed it very much. I still have not completed my banner but what is done is very pretty — we completed most of it in class. Keep up your spectacular work.

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