McCall’s 6513

McCall’s 6513 is a knit top pattern that I have made three times over the past few years.


It’s comfortable, it goes together well, and those diagonal lines are almost universally flattering.

The first one I made was View D, from a poly lightweight sweater knit from Emma One Sock. It’s a very interesting fabric, and unfortunately out of stock.


It’s a little shiny, which I normally would not like, but in this case, I do. The fabric contains every color of the rainbow, and then some, I think!


You can see the crossover neckline. On this version, I cut the front pieces so that the crosswise grain was pretty much parallel to the front neckline edges. It’s a pretty stable knit, with not a lot of stretch, so it worked well.


Here you can get a really good look at the fabric, and see the gathers at the side seam.

The second version was View C, which is the same as the previous version, except that the sleeves are ruched at the wrist.


This is an 11 oz. rayon/lycra jersey from, again, Emma One Sock. (Sorry, it’s a bit wrinkled.) This fabric is a lot stretchier than the knit I used in the first top, and so the neckline drapes a lot more. It’s best if I wear a camisole or tank top under this, especially if I plan to bend over!


To accent the gathered side seam, I added some Zundt FSL after it was sewn. Honestly, in real life, the colors match much better, and there is a tiny touch of light blue metallic in the embroidery.


I also added a lace motif over the ruching on the outside of the wrists.

The third version, which I made a few months ago, is also View C, this time in a poly/lycra matte jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. I think this fabric is also no longer available, which is sad, because I love this color! But they have lots of similar knits.


You can see the ruching at the wrists, which is done with narrow elastic. I like the ruched sleeves, because I almost always push my sleeves up to 3/4 length, and this does that for me! This fabric is intermediate in stretchiness between the multicolor poly knit and the light blue rayon knit. In any case, the pattern needs to be sewn in a drapey knit fabric.

This must be a popular pattern, because I’ve had it for at least three years, and it’s still available. I can see why!

2 thoughts on “McCall’s 6513

  1. I have not done alot of sewing of garments for adults, children yes, but this certainly looks like a simple pattern, i would be concerned about fit, is there anything i should know about fit, i am actually considering purchasing this pattern Thank Sue for your recommendation. Regards Eileen


    • This would be a good pattern for you to start with. The only remotely difficult thing about the construction is an angled seam at the neck. This is a Palmer/Pletsch pattern, with lots of fitting instructions. They walk you through paper-fitting the pattern, and how to make common adjustments. Oh, and realize that pattern sizing has absolutely nothing in common with ready-to-wear sizing! Go by your measurements, and if your shoulders are narrow in comparison to your bust, or if you wear a C-cup or larger, you’re probably better off choosing your size according to your high bust measurement instead of full bust. Good luck, let me know how it goes for you!


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