New Tops for Me, Part 1

I’ve made three new knit tops for myself this past week. I love sewing beautiful dress clothes, but, really, I live in knit tops and shorts and jeans. All the time. So I dug in my stash, downloaded a couple of pdf patterns, and started sewing.

The first top I made was Style Arc’s Ann T-Top.


It is one of their promotional patterns on etsy, and costs less than $4.00. Or, you can download it for free if you are a member. Of course, you have to print and tile the pattern, but it’s a lot faster than waiting for shipment from Australia! I found a pretty poly-lycra print jersey on my shelves (from Gorgeous Fabrics a few years ago, I think.) I rarely wear prints. I don’t know why. They catch my eye, but I almost always go for solids. But in this case, I had purchased a couple of pairs of shorts from Sam’s for $9, and I needed something to wear with these bright pink ones. This print was perfect!



The print also coordinates nicely with the crepe myrtle! 🙂

This pattern has a bit of shirring on the front at the side seams. It’s nice, although I think it would look better if I had made a smaller size. The pattern suggested using narrow elastic to gather up the front side seam allowances before stitching the side seams, but I just used gathering threads to pull up the slight gathers. I didn’t want the extra bulk of elastic, and the gathering worked just fine.


I lengthened the sleeves to elbow length, and finished the lower edge with a band instead of turning up a hem. The neckline is a nice scoop shape – not too low, not too high.


Watch for my next blog for a trick to help with knit neckbands!




7 thoughts on “New Tops for Me, Part 1

  1. Lovely! Isn’t it fun to return to the ’70’s stretch and sew methods. I am planning on
    making a similar top next week and for the same reasons you did!
    Loved the crepe myrtle…..grew up in Virginia where they are so gorgeous…..not so
    much in Ohio(:o). Please keep sewing and showing us your talented creations.


    • You know, I did do some Stretch and Sew projects way back when, and I never really quit. I’ve been sewing knits ever since, both with and without my serger. We live right at the northern edge of where the crepe myrtles grow. They are beautiful plants, aren’t they?!


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