Iris Season!

I have always loved irises! My Mom had a patch of dark purple ones.  When we moved to this house 14 years ago, there were some lavender irises back by the garage. Then, my sweet husband started collecting and planting a rainbow for me! Fortunately, they seem to love our climate, and they thrive and multiply here.  We probably have close to 100 varieties that bloom over the course of about four weeks.  And iris season has begun!

001.JPG  10023 005

So, it seemed only fitting that I should name my first pattern “Iris.”  It has been one of my best-selling patterns for many years.  It started with this little blue dress

Iris blue_2

and this Christening gown

Iris gown_2

Then I made this pink linen version, because I had some wonderful pink lace that perfectly matched the fabric.

Pink Linen Dress_2.JPG Pink Linen Dress Yoke_2.JPG Pink Linen Dress Skirt Detail_2

Then a few years ago, I made this lavender version (with little embroidered irises, of course!)


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go out and see if any new irises have opened!